Peace Camp

I dug this out of my archives file... I think this is based on a camp I ran for my Guides when I was still living in Guelph, Ontario.


1) Drama: Use drama and role play for conflict resolution (we use that in social work a lot), where you could give them "what ifs.." and little dilemmas to act out in a skit. For example, you have become friends with an unpopular girl in your class. You would never tell your other friends. But one day she was playing at your house when one of your other friends unexpectedly shows up . . . This is a good one for resolving personal inner conflict, and has provided with some pretty interesting endings. Other skits could be more typical, you are accusing someone of stealing something of yours, or somebody hit them. Or a good one that would be good for third years may be that you got caught reading the awful things your sister wrote about you in her diary after you had a big fight. Thing was, it was your sister who caught you...

2) The World in 2030

Discuss - How old will you be?
What do you think you will be doing?
Will there be peace in the world?
What would you like the world to be like?
What could you do now to create the world you would like to see in 2030?

3) More Role Playing:

Have small groups act out situations such as:
How to stop a quarrel.
How to greet a person from another country who does not speak English.
How to be good losers.
What to do if everyone in your group wants to do some thing different.

4) Shared Task: Give each patrol the same task, however, don't give each Patrol all the necessary equipment.  Between all the Patrols, all the equipment is available, so the Patrols will have to trade and barter to complete the task. (I particularly like doing this with a cookout lunch or shelter building.)

5) Flower Garden

Objective:  To demonstrate that differences among people make the world a more interesting place.


- a variety of coloured construction paper (one sheet per girl)
- four poster boards
- scissors, glue (for four groups)

Divide into four groups.  Give two groups construction paper in a selection of colours.  Give the other two groups paper of one colour only. (No crayons, markers, etc. are allowed)  Have each group make a flower garden, using only the paper it has been given.  When the flowers have been cut out, have the girls glue them onto the heavy paper. When the groups are finished, display the gardens for all to see.

For Discussion:

- Which gardens do you like best?  Why?
- Look around the room.  Do you see anyone with exactly the same hair colour as yours?
- Hold your arm next to the arm of the person beside you.  Are you skin shades the same?
-  What would the world be like if everyone looked the same?

6) Fly a Peace Flag

Make flags with peace symbols.  You can paint, glue, sew a message of peace. Old sheets make good backgrounds but other material can be used too.  Hang your peace flag where many people can see it or mail it to a Guide group in another country.  Suggest an exchange of peace flags.

7) Peace Kite

Make kites; any design will do.  Decorate the kites with peace symbols and fly them in a large open space.  A good camp activity!

8) Multi - National Dove

On a large piece of cardboard or bristol board, draw the outline of a dove. Cut it out. Give the girls recipe or file cards and crayons and have a book of world flags handy. Each girl colours the flag of her choice. Stick all the flag cards on both sides of you dove.  Cut away the pieces of flags that stick out from the dove shape.  Attach a piece of string and hang the multi-national dove from the ceiling so that it can spin around freely. Fewer girls and fewer cards makes a one-sided dove that can be hung on the wall.

Peace Songs

Dona Nobis Pacem - Our Chalet Songbook p. 77

Shalom Chaverim - Our Chalet Songbook p. 8

It's a Small World - Our Chalet Songbook p. 39

Blowing in the Wind - Our Chalet Songbook, p. 52

One World - Our Chalet Songbook, p. 74

Peace of the River - Our Chalet Songbook, p. 90

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem - Our Cabana Songbook, p. 58

No Man is an Island - Songs for Canadian Girl Guides, p. 27

Reach Out in Love - Jubilee Songbook, p. 36

Vine and Fig Tree - Jubilee Songbook, p. 35

Give Peace a Chance

99 Red Balloons

Tears Are Not Enough


From a Distance

We Are the World

Where Have all the Flowers Gone

One Tin Soldier

Chimes of Freedom

Eve of Destruction

Let There be Peace on Earth


Peace Game

Tug of Peace

Equipment: one skipping rope per person

Contrary to tug of war, this activity asks players to work together to create a shape or an object with their ropes.   Three children for instance can make a triangle out of a rope by tying it together, laying it on the floor and gently pulling at three places.  Increase the length of the rope and the number of people working together to "draw" a picture on the floor.

Peace Craft

Friendship Tie


One 3.3 m length of wool in each of these six colours: yellow, purple, orange, red, variegated green and blue
a small brass or other bell

Tie 10 overhand knots, evenly spaced, along the wool, binding all the colours together. Using another overhand knot, tie the two ends together, leaving a tassel. Tie the bell to this large knot. The circle represents friendship around the world with sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.  The blue colour is for the world of well-being, yellow is for the world of the outdoors, purple is for the world of the arts, orange is for the world today and tomorrow, red is for the world of the people, and the variegated greens are for all the ages and sizes and commitments to Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. The 10 small overhand knots represent the 3 parts of the Promise and the seven Laws. The large overhand knot, which makes the circle, represent the bond that unites all of us in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to today's girls and women.

Peace Readings

Chain of Friendship

I'd like to put an end to strife,
And peace on earth to see;
But all I have is one small life -
And all I can give is me.
I cannot make all nations join
in peace in every land,
But I can reach out to one friend
An understanding hand.
If each of us would just reach out
One hand in friendship plain,
We would soon stretch across the earth
In one unbroken chain.
Go Guiding sisters
In many lands,
Join in a chain of friendship
With multi-coloured hands.


Challenge for Peace

Peace was the dream of our Founder
That youth might unite and succeed
He gave us his heartfelt challenge
Create peace in which all can be freed.
A smile, a handshake, an open mind
Guiding/Scouting opens the door
Working together in our commitment
Understanding ensures we grow more.
Sharing and camping together
Living the Promise and Law
With adventurous spirit and friendship
We prove what the Founder foresaw.
Forever we'll hold the flag skyward
With courage to hope as it flies
That WAGGGS will unite us in peace dreams
As seen throught the great Founder's eyes.
Our legacy is one to be proud of
A teasure for you and for me
We strive for our best, we harmonize, yes
Good ambassadors making a plea.
Living the Founder's dream is tough
He knew that united we'd find
Ways to make our mark in the world
Promoting peace for all mankind.
Let's catch that B-P spirit
Lady B-P passed it on
Take up the challenge, one and all
World wide we're very strong.


The Great Big World We Live In

The great big world we live in (make circle by extending arms)
Has people everywhere (throw arms out to sides)
Some big, some small (hold right palm downwards towards floor and raise left hand upward)
Colours dark and fair (place hands over cheeks, then extend them outwards tulip-fashion)
Some live very close to me (wrap arms around body)
Some live far away (point outward with both arms)
But all of us are neighbours (join hands in front of body)
Wherever we may stay. (intertwine fingers of both hands)


My Pledge for Peace
from the All Faith Prayer, Jul 21/96, at the World Conference in Nova Scotia)

I pledge to learn about things that I can do to promote Peace.
I pledge to share what I have learned with others.
I pledge to take every opportunity to do what I can, however small, to foster
peace in my family, my Community, my Country and my World.

Another great activity for you to include is the Peanut Butter Sandwich Dilemma. 

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