Survivor Game

This day-long series of events was sent to me by the 18th Whitby Girl Guides.

Time Required:  approx. 3-31/2 hours

At the beginning of the day, set the girls on a 1-km hike, with the girls split into groups (by patrols). Give them a map of the area, showing where they are and where they need to travel to in order to find their Survivor Camp.

Explain that they are now in their Tribes, that they need to work with for the duration of the challenge. They need to follow their maps to their Survivor Camp (a pre-arranged location that you've already prepped with material for the day's challenges, see below for details). Tell the girls there will be many challenges they will have to complete as a team. Successfully completing challenges will earn their team beads. The patrol with the most beads at the end of the day wins the Survivor Challenge!

Each patrol's map should take them to a separate space around the outside of a large field or other open area.

Tribal Challenge #1 - Make a Tribal Name and Flag

When the girls arrive at their Survivor Camp, they find a note that reads: "Make a Tribal Name and Flag! Get dressed and ready to compete with the other Tribes in today's Survivor Challenge!"

Hang in a tree near each patrol's base camp a piece of blank white cotton to use as their flag. With the flag leave an envelope marked "Tree Mail #1", as well as markers, fabric paint, face paint, and hair ties in that tribe's colour.

Tree Mail #1
When you hear three Whistles, gather in the field
Bring your Tribal Flag and team, and get ready to play Survivor...
Be sure you can find your way back to your camp!
You have 30 min. to be ready...

Blow the whistle in your central meeting area at 30 minutes. As patrols arrive, give them Tree Mail #2.

Leaders can judge each group's tribal dress award a wining tribe 2 beads each,  and 2nd place gets 1 bead each.

Prep: Cotton flags, markers, Survivor headbands, face paint, necklaces, and Tree Mail #1, beads

Tribal Challenge #2 - Shelter Building

Tree Mail #2
Make a home to shelter you from the night,
You have 30 minutes to get this right!
A Judge will visit you and choose who will win,
Dont wait another minute to begin!
The winning tribe will get 2 beads each;
The 2nd place tribe will get 1 each.

Give the girls 30 minutes to build their shelters. Leaders to judge shelters at the end of time, and to pass out Tree Mail #3 and money for the next challenge.

Tribal Challenge #3 - Reward Challenge

Each tribe will be given fake money to bid on items like an auction. The rewards are all different, some good and some bad. Items are hidden in paper bags so the girls can't tell what the items are that they're bidding on.

Tree Mail #3
By mid afternoon you will bid on rewards,
Something interesting to look towards.
A limited amount of money is yours to use
If you use it too fast, the remaining bags you will loose.
Not all prizes will be right for you,
You may just pick an old smelly shoe.

Prep:  fake money, mystery items in bags (rope, smarties, chocolate bar, rocks, buttons, beads, sparkly X-mas ornaments, any random small items you can think of)

After the auction is over, deliver Tree Mail #4.

Tribal Challenge #4 - SOS Challenge

Tree Mail #4
True Survivors have a plan to get home safe;
A SOS signal is what you need to get the attentions of Rescuers.
If the field near your Camp was being flown over by a helicopter:
What would you do to get their attention?
There will be Guest Judges to evaluate this Challenge.
When you hear three whistles come to the field and show us what you can do!
You have 20min. to get ready, wait for the whistle.

At the 20-minute mark, judge each group's signal, with the winning team each getting 2 beads, 2nd place get 1 each.

Tribal Challenge #5 - Story Challenge

One leader reads the girls a story about survival. During this time, the other leaders spread envelopes around the playing area, 4-5 for each patrol, marked in their tribe's colours. The envelopes contain multiple-choice questions about the survival story that was just read. Once the story is over, girls race to find all the envelopes for their patrol, then report to a leader to read and answer the questions. Each right answer gives the team 2 beads.

Tribal Challenge #6 - Blindfold Challenge

Each team selects a Caller and two Runners. The Runners are tied together and blindfolded. The rest of each tribe must wait in a designated area/ Leaders, meanwhile, have scattered bags across the playing field, marked in each team's colours. Each bag contains a puzzle piece with a letter on it.

At "GO!", the Caller for each team directs the Runners onto the field to collect the bags for their team. Once all bags are collected they may open them and solve the puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle will win two beads each, 2nd place will get 1 each.

Puzzle solution: "LASAGNE"

Prep:  Blindfolds, bags tied with puzzle pieces in it.

Game's Over!

Each tribe can tally up their beads, leaders declare a winner. Tribes clean up their Survivor Camps, then everyone returns to the main camp to enjoy a well-deserved lasagne dinner!

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