Themed Meetings and Events

Throughout my Guiding career, I have been privileged to be a part of many fabulous themed meetings, camps, and other special evens, for all levels of Guiding. I know that it can sometimes be extremely challenging to create special of events - so, with the permission of the original creators, I've begun posting details of their events here.

My goal with this section of my resource centre is to provide you with some new and creative ideas to help you plan your own special events. Wherever possible, I have included as much detail as possible as to how to go about planning a special event. If you have any questions about one of these themed events, you're welcome to contact me for more information.

In addition to the resources I've listed in the menu on the left, here are links to two excellent Camp Theme Books, compiled by Dana Weatherell. She has given me permission to share them here. These books contain tons and tons of ideas for more fun themed camps and events. Thank you for sharing, Dana! Please note: These files are in PDF format - you will need the Adobe Reader program to be able to view them. You can download this for free from

Camp Themes Book 1

Camp Themes Book 2

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