Multi-Level Ceremonies

Some of the most powerful ceremonies I have participated in and/or witnessed have been multi-level advancement ceremonies, where girls in the local Guiding community come together to celebrate the end of the Guiding year and to progress up to the next level. These events provide terrific bridging opportunities as all the girls get to see that there's more to Guiding than just their unit - and that there IS something cool to do next year!

The key to putting together a good multi-level ceremony is communication. Make sure that all the leaders in all the units involved know what their roles are and what the timeline of the event is. If at all possible, bring everyone together for a rehearsal before the main event. Ask District Guiders to help with crowd control, refreshments etc. so that the Unit leaders can focus on their girls. Lay out your uniform and behaviour expectations well before the event in order to give people time to prepare.

Remember that it's also important to communicate with the audience - especially right at the start of the ceremony! Ask parents to please turn off their phones. Tell them when are appropriate times to take photos. Remind parents that the girls have worked really hard all year long - and to please be respectful and quiet during the ceremony. I have seen several advancements completely wrecked by rude, inconsiderate, or just plain clueless parents. Don't be afraid to stop the ceremony and wait for the audience to be quiet. Sad as it is, sometimes our girls' parents need reminders about good behaviour too!

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