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All right, I'll freely admit I'm having a hard time classifying some of the links I've collected over the years. On this page you'll find a mish-mosh of things, in no particular order, that I hope you will somehow find useful. Enjoy!

About Canada: Seriously, everything you'd ever need to know about this great country of ours.

About Face: High School level site dealing with media treatment of women; lots of room for student interaction and the Light at the End of the Tunnel section is positive activism at its best. This site states it "Combats negative and distorted images of women".

Active Living Alliance: This is a Canadian organization whose objective is to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, are able to lead healthy and active lives. Check out their resource section for some great downloadable documents to help you plan inclusive activities for your girls.

Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Page: Very blunt. But lots and lots of great information on birth control options etc.

The Betty Crocker Website: For those of you hate to cook, but hate even worse trying to figure out what to do with what you have on hand! Once you've landed on this site, go to "What's on Hand", list your ingredients and they will tell you what you can do with it.

Bluemountain.com: A nifty website where you can send all your friends nifty animated, singing cards... for every occasion!

Canadian University Home Pages: Here's one of the definitive listings of the home pages of all of Canada's universities and colleges. A great place to start the search for information on post-secondary education.

Celebrating Women's Achievements: A government of Canada page with links relating to Canadian women's' contribution to the areas of theatre, the arts, sports, activism, books, science, politics and much more.

Country Reports.org: a cool site which has tons of great information about countries all around the world, including their national anthems in midi format.

Cultural Profiles Project: A government of Canada website with lots of information about many different cultures around the world.


Emergency Preparedness Week: Everything you need to know to ensure your family is prepared in the case of a natural disaster or other emergency (ahem - Eastern Seaboard blackout, anybody?).

Famous Canadian Women Home Page: Information about famous Canadian women and a number of activities designed for your Guide units.

Festivals.com: Celebrating the World of Festivals and Events: Information for each event includes the name, date, location, details, and a Web site or e-mail address, when available.

Fun And Games.org is a UK based website full of... well... fun, games, drama, and lots of other activities to try with kids of all ages.

Games For Groups: If you didn't find enough games on my site, well, there's more to be found here.

Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change - from the FreeChild Project. Free, downloadable resource.

Henry the Hand: Teach your girls about the importance of proper hand washing.

Heroines.ca: This website has great information on many famous Canadian heroines. A great resource for the Famous Five Challenge and the Women's' History Challenge.

Kids Help Phone

Kraft Interactive Kitchen: look for the Kraft Canada's Cookbook for authentic Canadian recipes in English or French.

LEGO's Homepage

Lifesaving Society: If you're interested in becoming a certified lifeguard in Canada, this is the accrediting body.

Love Your Body Day: A thought-provoking look at how women are portrayed in advertising, and how so many ads are truly offensive. Also has great examples of positive advertising. A great place to begin discussions on the portrayal of women in the media.

Michaels Craft Store

Ontario Heritage Trust: Tons of information about Ontario's rich history.

Party Game Central: A huge database of games for all occasions.

Canadian Red Cross: Learn about their first aid programs, disaster relief efforts and much more!

Shipwreck Beads: Another cool crafty site.

St. John Ambulance: Everything you need to know about first aid, health and safety.

Teamwork and Teamplay: This is a AWESOME resource for cooperative games and initiative tasks.

Where's Willy? Here's a cool website that allows you to track where your paper (Canadian) money has traveled!


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