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Bat Conservation International If you've been on a hike with your girls and found a weird bug you couldn't identify... come to this website, maybe you'll discover what it is you found!

Bugscope: A cool science outreach program that involves bugs, a scanning electron microscope (ESEM) and the World Wide Web.

Canadian Museum of Nature: A good place to start learning about Canada's multitude of natural habitats.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Discover Magazine

Eco Kids: A fun website filled with interesting tidbits about ecology and nature. Lots of online games to play, too!

The Electronic Zoo: A HUGE library of animal pictures, including lots of bugs. Definitely worth checking out!

Environmental News Network: An online 'zine with some interesting articles on the environment.

Hinterland Who's Who: Want to learn about Canadian wildlife? This site has great short videos and all sorts of other information.

Metro Toronto Zoo: Information on the Zoo and its awesome animal collection!

Ontario Nature


Species at Risk: This Canadian government site has information on Canada's endangered species.

Stellarium: Download a free, planetarium-quality astronomy program onto your computer to help you and your girls learn the constellations. This is a COOL program. You've been warned.

The Story of Stuff With Annie Leonard: If you're at all concerned about the current state of our planet, you might want to watch the thought-provoking series of videos on this site... and then find a way to make a difference!

WILD Education: This website is hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and has tons of information on its popular education programs such as "Project WILD", "Fish Ways" and many more. Definitely worth checking out!

WWF Canada

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