The World In Your Pocket

Raw Eggs


First thing in the morning, choose your very own egg.  You might want to mark the egg so you can tell its yours.  How is the egg like planet Earth?

The challenge: Carry the egg with you all day and make sure it stays whole.  You cant put the egg in any sort of protective packaging.  Do all the things you would normally do.  Take the egg everywhere you go.  You only get one egg.  If the egg cracks, there are no second chances.

How do you feel at the end of the day?  Did the egg survive?  How did you change your activities to protect the egg?  Is it a big responsibility to care for an egg?  How difficult is it?  How well did other people do at caring for an egg for a day?

Things to Think About:

No other living creature is able to influence and change the environment like humans can.  That means that humans have a big responsibility in the world. The world is like an egg.  The world houses life, just as an egg can contain a baby chicken.  The world sustains life, just as we can obtain nourishment from an egg.  The world is strong, just as an eggs shell is tough enough to protect a developing chick.  But the world is also fragile, just as a forceful blow will crack an eggs shell and cause its contents to spill out.  The world is a human responsibility, just as your caring for an egg for a day is a responsibility.

What sorts of things can you do to take care of the Earth?

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