Where's the Water?


1 small package Water Grabber Crystals (available at florists or garden stores)
1 Ziploc bag measuring spoons


1) Pour 1/2 teaspoon Water Grabber Crystals into the bag. Add one teaspoon water. Seal the bag and gently massage.
2) Keep adding water, a teaspoon at a time, until the crystals will absorb no more. Tilt the bag and see if any water drains from them.

Explanation: The Water Grabber Crystals are used by gardeners to help hold moisture in the soil. They place them in the dirt, and as they water, the beads absorb water. When the soil around them dries, the beads release the water. The molecules in the crystals are hooked together in long chains. The chains coil in a way that leave a lot of folds in them. The water goes into the chains, and fills up the folds, so the crystals act like a sponge. These crystals are also used in disposable diapers.

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