Laser Maze

Materials (per group):

A piece of Bristol board with a pathway traced on it - the pathway needs to be a series of straight lines connected together (no curves). A "start" line and a "finish" line need to be clearly marked on the path.
A quantity of small mirrors - one for each "corner" on the traced path
Modeling clay or mirror stands
A laser pointer (only one needed; stays in the leaders' possession)
Optional: pencil, eraser, ruler and protractor

The Challenge:

Place the mirrors along the pathway so that when the laser pointer is turned on at the "start" point, the laser light bounces from one mirror to another and ends up at the "finish" line. To make this more challenging, do not let the girls use the laser pointer at all when they are trying to orient their mirrors. Whenever they feel they are ready to test their maze, turn on the laser light and see where it lands. The first group to figure out the correct placement of the mirrors to complete the challenge wins.

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