Make Your Own Icicles


a 3-, 2-, and 1-pound coffee can
heavy string
3 colors of food coloring
measuring stick


1) Use the nail to punch 3 holes evenly spaced along the top of each can. Tie string through each hole and then tie the other ends of the string together to form a loop with which to hang them.
2) In the bottom center of each can, make a hole with the thumbtack, varying the size of the hole from can to can.
3) On a cold night, take the cans outside and fill with water.
4) Using the food coloring, tint the water a different color for each can.
5) Hang the cans in a safe place.
6) On the next morning, check the icicles.

Explanation: The size of the icicle will depend on the size of the hole in the bottom of the can. The larger the hole, the larger the icicle, because icicles form when water drips from the same place for a long time. So if more water drips down, more water will freeze into an icicle.

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