See the Invisible


big tin or bowl
rubber band
thin plastic bag
big spoon
baking sheet
bits of paper and some sugar


1) Cut open the plastic bag along the bottom and one side. Stretch the plastic tightly over the top of the tin or bowl. Secure the plastic with the rubber band.
2) Take a piece of paper and tear it into very small pieces. Place them on top of the drum you just made. If you tap the drum with the spoon, the paper will jump.
3) Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on top of the drum. Hold the baking sheet close to the drum and hit it with the spoon. If you watch carefully, you will see the sugar jump.

Explanation: When you hit the drum or the baking sheet with the spoon, they vibrate. These vibrations are what cause the paper and sugar to jump. These vibrations also cause waves in the air, which cause us to hear the noise. The vibrations travel through the air bringing us the sound. If you put a hand on a radio, you can feel it vibrate. Similarly, if you turn the bass on your radio up, you can feel the beat beneath your feet.

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