Fountain Bottle


small bottle with a screw top
a pen or needle
food coloring
clay or play-dough
plastic drinking straw
bowl of hot water


1) Take the lid off the bottle and using the scissors, make a hole in the top, pressing downwards. Fill the bottle half-way with cold water.
2) Pour a few drops of food coloring into the cold water in the bottle, then stir to get an even color. Screw the lid back onto the bottle tightly.
3) Push a straw through the hole, then press the clay around the base to seal up the hole. Take a small ball of clay and press the straw through. Leaving the clay inside the straw, remove the rest of the ball. Poke a hole through the clay with the needle.
4) Place the bottle in the bowl; fill the bowl with hot water. Wait for the fountain to work.

Explanation: The hot water around the bottle warms up the air. As it warm the air expands, pushing the water down. The water has no place to go but up the straw, coming out as a spray.

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