Campfire Planning

A campfire is a very special ceremony. It has a definite beginning, middle and ending. Songs of different types are usually sung in a certain order, as illustrated below:

A Sample Campfire Plan...

The purpose of this organization is to manipulate the "mood" of the singers. You start out softly, and build in volume and energy until you reach the peak of the campfire. Then, like, the flames of the fire, you slow down gradually until the closing. (Especially magical campfires occur when the flames of your fire mirror the songs you're singing: i.e. loud and crackly for the action songs and yells, slowly burning for slow songs, just embers for the vesper.) The songs in my Songbook are organized roughly in the order I use when singing them in a formal campfire. But the art of combining songs, stories and actions effectively into a campfire takes a lot of practise!

Here are a number of campfire plans which have been sent to me by friends from all over the place. I hope you enjoy these pages and find them useful! If you have a campfire plan that you'd like to add to my site, please email me.

You might also want to check out my Campfire and Songbook Resources page to help you with your campfire planning.

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