Castles in the Sand

Thanks to an anonymous visitor to my website, who sent me this song. She remembers it from a YMCA camp she used to go to.

There's some things been on my mind
About the children in the world I've known.
The things I see they've learned
And the ways I know they've grown.
It feels so good inside to see,
The people they've become because of me.
The power is within me and I feel it too,
But I've got a lot of work yet to do.

The pride in the eyes of a camper,
As he wears his rag of blue.
The tears of joy on the face of a boy
When I say, "I'm proud of you."
The long blonde curls of a blue-eyed girl clinging tightly to my hand.
As we walk along the beach and our dreams become
Castles in the sand.

Many years from now, no one will ever care
About the car I drove, the house I lived in,
Or the length of my hair.
But the world is gonna be changed,
Because what I believe in and live for remains...
And is important in the life of a girl or a boy.