(Source: "The Kids' Campfire Book", Jane Drake and Ann Love, Kids Can Press, 1996; also in "Campfire Activities", Girl Guides of Canada, 1993.)

Hmmm, I want to linger
Hmmm, a little longer
Hmmm, a little longer here with you

Hmmm, it's such a perfect night
Hmmm, it doesn't seem quite right
Hmmm, that this should be my last with you

Hmmm, and come September
Hmmm, I will remember
Hmmm, our camping days and friendships true

Hmmm, and as the years go by
Hmmm, I'll think of you and sigh
Hmmm, this is good-night and not good-bye

(please note: "Linger" is a SLOW song. Many people have the tendency to sing this song about twice as fast as it's supposed to be sung.)