Thanks very much to Neela Kale, who e-mailed me this song! Thanks as well to Megan Burns, who wrote me to tell me a little more about this song's history. This song is from Camp Arrowhead in, Stevenson, WA. Every summer at the end of the last session, all the councillors sing this song to all the people who climbed one of the two mountains that surround the camp (Wind Mountain to the west and Dog Mountain to the east).


Just keep your eyes looking at the sky,
And there'll never be a height that you can't reach
Climb to the clouds,
Lift your voices up loud
And tell the world the joy of being free... when you climb.
Oh, the road is rough and the way is often steep,
But inside yourself there's a promise you can keep
When you reach the top, the view is worth the climb,
All the stumblings and the pitfalls are very far behind...

Oh, we've come this far and our climbing's just begun,
But now we know that climbing can be fun
There's so much we share, now it's time to say goodbye,
But we'll always have the memories of how we climbed so high...