Song of Hope
(Words and music by Brandis Purcell)

Thanks very much to Diana J., who e-mailed this song to me!


It's a song that every heart can sing,
It's a voice we all can hear.
It's the song of love, it's the voice of hope,
It's a new world drawing near.
Feel the earth so wise, so wonderful,
As she wakes to make things new.
See the same blue sky for me, for you,
See the same dream coming true.

For an hour. For a day.
We will share the time we can.
All the world, fresh and new,
We will hold within our hands.

When I look through your eyes,
I can see a different view:
All your joys, all your dreams,
That you want the same things, too.

Hope for peace in the world,
Must begin with you and me.
It will spread; it will grow,
Until every heart is free.