Shooting Star

Thanks very much to Ayslinn G., who sent me this song.

Please, won't you catch a shooting star for me
And take it with you on your way.
Although we just met, you're the one I won't forget
Hope some kinda wind blows you back my way.


And I was thinkin' maybe somewhere down the road,
After all our stories have been told
I'll sit and think of you, good friend I once knew,
Shot through my life like a shooting star.
Sometimes I know that a part of you will show
Deep in my heart and in my smile.
There'll always be a part of you, deep inside my heart,
And I'll know just when to let it show

You are so dear; you're my light and shining star.
You brighten up each and every day.
You are so near, but soon you'll be so far,
So why not hold my hand today?