Big River
by Tony Profitt

Thanks to Megan Burns, who sent me this song.

Thereís a big river flowiní
Itíll be here tomorrow
Itís time we should be going
Thereís no time for sorrow
The stars will shine the way back home
The song will keep the fire
Remembering the days we roamed
The song will lift you higher


So sing for the river and sing for the stars
Sing for the friends we made wherever they are
Sing to bring you back again or to take you away
Sing a song with me my friend sing for today
The bright stars are glowing
The full moonís arising
The riverís reflecting
The moon on the horizon
Tonight weíre sleeping on the land
With stars in our eyes
Dreaming of the friends we made
'Neath these dark skies

Thereís a campfire showing
The friends from our past
Faces of yesterday
And friendships that last
But now we go our separate ways
Although we long to stay
Promising to meet again
Some summerís day