Thanks so much to Jessie Leone, who sent me this song. She wrote: "I am a Girl Scout unit counselor at River Ranch Girl Scout Camp in Washington. This song is a favorite at our camp. It is dedicated to Rainbow, who literally lived at River Ranch when she had no home. She was a camper there for years and later became a counselor. Her mom used to sing this to her as a lullaby when she was little and Rainbow passed it on to the camp."


Tum-da-la, Tum-da-la, Tum-da-la-lay
Oh Tum-da-la, Tum-da-la, Tum-da-la-like
A Tum-da-la-like, A Tum-da-la-like
A Tum-da-la-like, A Tum-da-la-lay
Maiden, Maiden, tell me true
What can grow without the dew
What can break for years and years
What can cry but shed no tears

Mister, Mister, I'll tell you true
A star can grow with out the dew
A stone can break for years and years
A heart can cry but shed no tears