90 Years of Guiding
Adios, Amigo
Bi Ullamh
Being A Guide With You
B.P. Spirit
Brownie Dance
Brownie Flag Song
Brownie Magic
Brownie Smile
Brownie Song
Brownie Stomp
Buy Some Cookies
Camp Woolsey Song
Camp Wyoka Song
Canadian Girl Guides (Loud Loud Bang Bang)
Can a Woman?
Celebrate! Girl Guide Cookies Are Here
Change The World
Cookie Mommies
Cookie-rena, The
Cookie Sale Song
Cookie Song
Cookie Song, The
Cut Capers (The Seven Capers)
Daisy Clean Up Song
Daisy Gathering Song
Daisy Girl Scout Song
Daisy Happy Face Song
Daisy Scout Song
Days of Girl Scouting
Did You Ever See a Daisy
Do A Good Turn Daily
G For Generosity
Girl Guide Cookie Song, The
Girl Guides Are We
Girl Scout Cookies - #1
Girl Scout Cookies - #2
Girl Scout Cookies - #3
Girl Scout Friends
Girl Scout Spirit
Girl Scouts Together
Growing up in Girl Scouts
Growing Up Tree, The
Guide and Brownie Spirit
Guide Law Rap
Guide Law Song (New)
Guide Law Song (Old)
Guide Marching Song
Guides Got A Head Like A Ping Pong Ball
Hardships of Camp
Healthy Camp Rap
Here We Go Around The World Centres
He's Got the Whole Camp
If You're Cheering for the Boy Scouts
I'm a Girl Scout - #1
I'm a Girl Scout - #2
I'm a Little Daisy
I'm an Eager Beaver Girl Scout
International Camp Song (Australia)
International Hello Song
I Promise to Share and Be a Friend
It's a Small World - with Guiding Verses
Let me Call You Sister
Light of the Girl Scouts, The
Liza Jane
Loo La La
Ode to a Leader
Once a Girl Scout Went To Camp
Our Cabaña Song (Canción de Nuestra Cabaña)
Our Chalet Song
Our Chief Guide
Pathfinder Song
Picture a Girl Guide
Rainbow Closing
Rainbow Opening (new)
Rainbow Opening (old)
Rockets and Races
Rosebud Game
Safe Camp Rap
Sangam Song
Singing Game For Thinking Day
Sister Guides
Sisters in Guiding
Sparks Are We
Sparks Have Their Meeting, The
Squeeze is Going Around, The
Thailand Girl Guide Song
Thin Mints
This is Why I Am a Guider
This Little Brownie Light of Mine
Threefold Promise
Three Little Girl Scouts
Three Little Sparkies
Twelve Days of Guide Camp, The
Twinkle Twinkle Little Spark
We Change The World
Whene'er You Make a Promise
When Molly Was a Spark
Where Have All The Sparks Gone?
Who Stole the Cookie?
World Center Song - #1
World Center Song - #2
World Song, The
Wyoka Bog