Night Games

The whole purpose of night games is to get the girls comfortable in the dark. As a rule, no flashlights are allowed, or only the leader carries one. The first few times any of these night games are played, it is recommended to try them out in a familiar area. Make sure the girls have been through the area in daylight: this helps them orient themselves at night as well. Putting the girls into buddies also helps relieve any anxiety about the dark. You can also have each set of buddies carry a whistle if your play area is very large. At camp we often give each girl a glow bracelet - this seems to magically solve the fear of darkness!

The chosen play area should be very dark, and if at all possible, have no or few artificial lights. This helps everyone get used to their night vision, which is ruined by flashlights, floodlights, and candles. Of course, none of these games should be played until the sun has completely set and the stars are out. Night games are a perfect way to finish off an evening, or burning out some of that extra energy the girls always seem to have just before going to bed!

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