Welcome to the new and improved version of my famous songbook! Included in these pages are an enormous number of songs that I have collected during my years in Guiding. I have grouped the songs into categories which I hope you will find useful for helping to plan your own campfires. 

You are welcome to download my songbook pages for use in your Guide units; however, many of these songs are already published in numerous Guiding song books or elsewhere. I have not included musical notation for any of the songs, nor do I intend to. This site is intended as a repository for song lyrics and to act as a memory 'trigger' for when you can't quite remember the words to your favourite songs.

 Please note! I do not take credit for writing any of the songs listed here!

I have tried to indicate a print source for as many of these songs as possible. It is very difficult to track the origins of many of the songs traditionally sung around the campfire, since in many ways the whole art of the campfire is an oral tradition. As far as I can tell, many of the older songs are in the public domain. If you feel I have infringed copyright by printing a song on this site, please let me know.

I have created an FAQ to address some of the most common questions asked about my songbook. Please check here first for the answer to your question - I can almost guarantee it's here!

So now that all the formalities are done, sit back, get comfortable, and click on any of the links on the left of your screen to start exploring!

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These pages were last updated on April 17, 2007.

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