Addams Family Grace
Alphabet Grace
Back of the Bread
Bees Of Paradise
Bless Our Friends
Breakfast Prayer
Brown Cow
Coca-Cola Grace
Flintstones Grace
For Health and Strength
For The Food We Eat
For The Joy
Give Thanks to Mother Gaia
God Has Created A New Day
God is Great
Gracias Senior
Guides Come and Join in a Grace With Me
Hark to the Chimes
Johnny Appleseed
Lollypop Grace
Mealtime Grace
Morning Is Here
Mountain Blue Day
My Lord Is So Great
'Neath These Tall Green Trees
Other Man's Grass
Our Father
Praise Ye the Lord (Alleluiah)
Rock You Grace
Selkirk Grace
Spirit Grace
Superman Grace
Thank You
Thank You For The World So Sweet
Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord For The Gum Trees
Thank You Mother Earth
Thanks Be To God
Thanks For Food
Thanks For Grace
We Thank you Father
When I See a Rainbow
World Hunger Grace
Yankee Doodle Grace
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Grace

Vespers and Closings

All Night, All Day
Bed is Too Small
Breton Fisherman's Prayer
Brownie Closing
Campfire Embers
Canadian Taps?
Daylight Taps
Fall Out
Golden Sun, The
Green Trees
Guide Anthem (from Ireland)
Hambani Kahle (Zulu Farewell; Go Well And Safely)
I Promise to Share And Be A Friend
Ira Congo
Juliette Taps
Light the Stars
Now Run Along Home
Russian Vesper
Softly Falls
Spark Closing (current)
Spark Closing (old)
We Who Have Come Here
When Our Camping Days Are Over