Dragon's Camping Corner

Here is a selection of great camping tips, hints and other tidbits to ensure your camps and other outdoor activities are fun and safe.

The A, B, C, and D's of packing - here's a fun sheet (in PDF, you'll need Adobe to open this file) that you can send home to your girls' parents when preparing for a camp or other event.

Bandanas! These are the most useful piece of material you could ever take camping! Check here to find out why and learn a neat little story.

Bedrolls: Here's a great one-page info sheet, courtesy of Patsy Sheldon, that you can hand out to your girls and their parents as they prepare for camp.

Bringing the Outdoors In: A great series of activities you can do with your Guides to help them prepare for camp.

Brownie Camping Jeopardy: This set of trivia questions was sent to me by Bri Arnold. They cover portions of the Brownie Key to Camping.

Camping Trivial Pursuit: A neat game to play with your girls to test their camping knowledge.

Camper Kit Lists: These kit lists are suitable for outfitting your girls for a variety of camping conditions. They are adopted from kit lists utilized by Camp Woolsey in Ottawa.

Camp Skills Evaluation Form: Help your Guides and Pathfinders keep track of their growing camping skills - courtesy of my friend Leslie Bown.

Canoe Games: The games in this section are all designed to help teach important canoeing skills. Suitable for Guiders as well as girls!

Cootie Bedroll: A fun game to teach your girls how to make a proper bed roll.

Dressing for the Weather: A great set of experiments to try with your girls to learn about the importance of dressing properly for outdoor events.

How about a great Edible Campfire?

Fire Starters: I, like many other Guiders, have had the distinct pleasure of trying to start a fire in the rain or with wet wood. Here are a number of easy fire starters you can bring with you to help make this task easier.

First Aid Kit List: It is important to have a well-stocked kit at all your meetings and events. Do you know what should go in a first aid kit?

First Aid Games: Great games to start teaching your girls about first aid.

Great Recipes: It is always a challenge to create yummy camp menus... not to mention the fine art of cooking in the great outdoors! This section contains my famous camp recipe book and lots of other fun (and sometimes even practical) things to do with food at camp.

Knot Games: Fun ways to teach your girls about knots.

Knotty People: Another fun way to learn about knots; these are also cool hat crafts.

Nature Crafts, Hikes, and Activities: Fun outdoor activities to try with your girls.

Night Hikes and Activities: A great collection of things to try with your girls after dark the next time you're at camp! Many of these activities are especially suited for younger children.

Rainy Day Activities: So you've planned an awesome camp, and then it RAINS! Should you cancel and go home? Heck no! Get out and play in the rain! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Survival Kit: If you're planning any adventure in the great outdoors, you should consider making a survival kit. Here's a list of what I carry in mine.


For a selection of camping and outdoors related websites, come visit my Camping Links Page!

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