Alice the Camel
Alive Alert Awake
An Old Austrian
Auntie Monica
A Pizza Hut
A Ram Sam Sam
At A Time Like This
Baby Bumble Bee
Beaver Song
Big Buffalo
Birdie Song, The
Boogie Woogie Washer Woman
Bubblegum Song (Bazooka Bubblegum Song)
Castle on the River Nile
Cheese Makes The World Go Round
Chinese Fan
Coneheads (In a Spaceship In The Sky)
Deep and Wide
Dinosaur Song, The
Dollar Dollar
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Down by the Old Mill Stream
Dun Song
Dutch Shoe Game
Eensey Weensey Spider
Elephant Song
Epo We Tie Tie
Farmer in the Dell
Father Abraham
Fish Song
Five in the Bed
Forty Years on an Iceberg
Frog Song
Going Crazy (I Am Slowly Going Crazy)
Goosey Goosey
Grand Old Duke of York, The
Head and Shoulders
Hello, My Name is Joe
Herman the Worm
Hey, Hey, Hey, Jubilee Hey
Hippo Song, The
Hokey Pokey
I'm a Little Hunk of Tin (The Ford Song)
I'm a Nut
In a Cabin In a Wood
It's Not Hard
Itsy Bitsy Spider
I've Got Two Eyes
Jaws (Shark Song)
Little Fishie Dance
Little Rabbit Foo-Foo
Little Tommy Tinker
London Bridge
Long Legged Sailor, The
Maggalina Haggalina
Mamma Don't Allow
Milk Song, The
Miss Suzy Had A Steamboat
Mmm-Bleep Song
Muffin Man
My Aunt Grete
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
My Hat It Has Three Corners
My Little Boat
No Bananas in the Sky
Oh Chester
Old MacDonald's Farm
One Finger, One Thumb
Oohm Plucky Plucky
Peace Like a River
Peanut Butter
Peter's Fountain
Ping Pong (Tuneless Song)
Pirate Ship
Poor Little Bug On The Wall
Purple Stew
Rain Storm
Ricky the Rock
Round, Round, Round My Baby
Running Bear
Singing in the Rain
Singing Song
Slap! Slap! Slap! Mosquitoes are Biting
Sons of the Sea (Men of the Ocean)
Stella Ella Ola
Strut Miss Lucy (This Way Valerie)
Tennessee Wiggle Walk
There Was a Crocodile
This Old Man
Three Sharp Tooth Buzzards
Today is Monday
Tony Chestnut
Thorn Rosa/Thorn Ross
Va Va Va Voom
We Come From The Mountains
Who Stole My Chickens and My Eggs?
With My Hand On Myself
Yogi Bear