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Bloomin' Amazing!
Bugging Insects
Clean It Up!
Grow Your Own Fungus
Hidden Pictures
Shrinking Egg
Test Your Colour Vision
Two Eyes are Better Than One
Two-Tone Water Transport
What's In Your Water?
Which Shape?
The World In Your Pocket


Carbon Dioxide Experiments
Chromatography Experiments
Dancing Raisins
Density Tower
Gak (Polymer Slime)
Invisible Ink
Milk Rainbow
Ooblick (Magic Mud)
Removing an Egg's Shell
Removing Iodine From Water
Scared Pepper
Where's the Water?


Bouncy Ball
Cartesian Diver
Clinking Coin
Collapsing Can
Exploding Egg
Floating Eggs
Floating Paper Clip
Fountain Bottle
Heavy Air
Huff 'n' Puff
Keep Dry
Magic Balloon
Magic Motor
Magic See-Saw
Make Your Own Icicles
Raw or Cooked?
Refusing Funnel
Rock Solid
See the Invisible
Smoke Rings


Build a Bridge
Chocolate Asphalt
Construct a Tower
Cookie Mining
Egg Drop Competition
Float the Boat
Laser Maze
Paper Airplanes

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